Monday, March 26, 2007

Royal says yes to Turkey

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has clarified her position on Turkish membership in the EU in her new book, saying that:

"I'm favorable to it in principle but not now because Europe is broken down, and before enlarging it, it has to be re-launched. The reasons why I am not favorable for the moment are not due to Turkey, but Europe: It needs a pause and a time of stabilization of its borders. Because today, the majority of its inhabitants no longer know where it starts and where it ends, what purpose it serves and where it's heading."

Royal also said, as before, that she would allow French voters to decide the issue. If anything Royal has at least made herself unique among the major candidates, who are for the most part lukewarm if not hostile to the idea of Turksih membership. It also gives Anglo-observers, many of whom support Nicolas Sarkozy but are strongly against his hostility to Turkish entry into the EU, one more doubt to consider.

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Régis said...

Thanks for your useful comments of the french presidentielles. Be sure Royal has not said her last word yet (I refer to a previous comment of yours). Actually, she will probably arrive on head on the first round (Sarkozy is surevaluated since the beginining, and Le Pen underevaluated), and Sarkozy frighten so many people here in France that he will probably not be elected, if he ever reaches second round. Well at least I hope, because if Bayrou is against Royal, she's lost, and I don't think Bayrou proposes any kind of alternative, and above all he will not be able to rule without either the left or the right wing, contrary to what he says, unhonestly. So there must be a confrontation between two projects of society, completely opposed: Royal vs Sarkozy. And then we will see where arrogance can lead. Thanks again, I have a look very often on your comments.
A french 'electeur', Régis, Lille

Boz said...

Thanks for the for comment. I agree that Sarkozy is overestimated in the first round, and if Bayrou can manage to hold on at above 20%, there will be the possibility of a Sego-Bayrou runoff. But assuming that it is Sarko-Sego, there is really no telling what will happen in the weeks between the two rounds of voting. Royal still has time to close the gap, likely by getting as many of Bayrou's voters as possible in the second round.


Régis said...

Indeed...and by catching Le Pen's voters as well! This is exactly what she intends to do by promoting quite traditional left themes in the last days, simultaneously as provoking embarrassment in the intelligentsia with her 'flag trip'.
It is very audacious, and to some degree quite obscene, but well thought in a strategic viewpoint. The national flag and the 'Internationale' theme are not that far away in France that it seems.
Many comunist party voters (20% til the eighties, now 2 or 3) were lost for the Left from the early 90's, because of the FN of Le Pen. By promoting the uncertain meet beatween social concerns and the national conscience and pride, she plays an unexpected strategy for the socialist party, quite upsetting for some, but very pragmatic.
She does not want to let the national identity themes to the lef and the extreme left, and I think it is "gonflé", but quite clever. I mean in a pure political strategy way.

Régis said...

I meant "to the right and far right" (instead of left), of course