Thursday, March 8, 2007

Royal tries to calm supporters

With the release of polls yesterday showing UDF candidate Francois Bayrou almost equal to Segolene Royal in the first round, Socialist leaders have sounded the alarm:

"the political situation is a skating rink. Everyone can fall, including Sarkozy. But on this skating rink, Bayrou advances.

For her part, Royal has attempted to dismiss any worry that she will not advance to the second round:

"No, this tightening does not worry me, with the direction where to carry out a battle like this one, you know, one should not be touched by concern.

There is more than one voter out of two who is undecided. I respect this indecision, with the direction where the French today observe what occurs and they are in a hurry to confront the visions, the projects, the effectiveness, the values also of the candidates who present themselves at them...(The French) did not vote yet."

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