Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sarko speaks to banlieues

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy appearead on a French music radio station today, where he addressed the needs of poor French suburbs and his taste in music. Sarkozy said that he wants a "Marshall Plan" for the young in these districts in order to give them a chance for their future.

"What I want it is that in the buildings the young people say themselves 'that is better to rise early the morning to go to work, to create a family, to have wages rather than be a drug dealer.'''

As for music, Sarkozy said that he likes "Corneille, Calogero, Raphaël or Faudel in rappeuse Diam' S." He also readmonished a certain group of rappers, saying that "One can say what one wants, but the calls with violence, I do not accept."

The only other interesting thing to come out of this is the order in which candidates are appearing on the same programs. Sarkozy was the first to appear on the TV show "J'ai une question a vous poser", followed by Royal and then Bayrou. Sarkozy was also the first to appear on the show "A vous juger", which Royal appeared on just this week. For this radio show, Bayrou will be the guest next Monday, and Royal on Tuesday.

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