Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sarkozy condemns Royal's 6th Republic

Using unusually harsh rhetoric, UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy strongly attacked Segolene Royal's recently announced proposal for constitutional change and the creation of a "Sixth Republic", as well as her previously idea of "citizen juries" to judge elected officials.

"I do not want to install popular jurys which would resemble Soviets. (...)

It is the end of politics which takes responsability. It is necessary to have courage to call the things by their name, their participative democracy is not the remedy against the dictatorship of single thought, it is the end of the representative democracy in the generalized suspicion.

Their participative democracy is not a new manner of associating the people with the decisions that concern them, it is the ultimate form of the demagogy."

Sarkozy did not spare Francois Bayrou either, whom he sarcastically attacked for what Americans would call a "flip-flop."

The main thing is to aim well. If you believe the right, go to the left. If you believe the left, go to the right."

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