Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sarkozy outlines domestic plans

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy spent two hours on the French television show "A vous de juger" to explain his domestic plans, or what he calls his "stratégie du changement".

This included new proposals on the rules which would allow a foreigner living in France to bring over his family, a "ministry for immigration and French identity", reducing the number of civil servants, reducing the state debt, and getting rid of the inheritence tax for 95% of the French. Sarkozy continued to repeat his refrain that seems to encompass his all of his own personal values: "work, effort, deserves, reward."

Of course, with the recent news, Sarkozy was asked about the threat of UDF candidate Francois Bayrou. Sarkozy said that he "appreciates" and "respects" Bayrou, although he added that "It is not the polls, it is the French" who will choose the next president.

An AP article states that Sarkozy was unusually kind to Segolene Royal, and after being presented with an image of her debating in 1993, he responded "(it is) rather a compliment when one says of a woman that she did not change." Sarkozy would much rather face Royal than Bayrou in the runoff, and is now walking a very fine political tightrope to ensure that eventuality. Unfortunately, as Sarkozy recently called for France to support Le Pen, he cannot do the same for Royal.

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