Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sarkozy strikes back on Defense

Today the UMP struck back hard at Segolene Royal, who just yesterday gave a speech on French defense. First came the UMP deputy general of defense, who said that:

Wedged between the press conference of Nicolas Sarkozy over the international questions (Thursday) and the day defense of March 7 during which the UMP candidate will expose his defense policy, Mrs. Royal improvised a speech agreed on the military policy of France, after having hesitated much and refused all the interviews on the subject.

(She) had restricted herself to shell general information on Europe of defense... (and) given up the 2e aircraft carrier and thus French autonomy as regards permanence with the sea."

Then Nicolas Sarkozy himself came out and announced in a magazine interview that he would create an "agency of civil defense."

In order to prevent and, if necessary, to overcome the realization on our territory of the terrorist threat or the supervening of a natural or technological disaster, we must give increased attention to civil defense and with the cohesion of the Nation around the stakes of its policy of Defense.

I thus propose the creation of an agency of civil defense to animate the spirit of defense and to coordinate the mobilization of the various components of our society.

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Barnett said...

I just got an e-mail from TNS Sofres regarding their newest poll from Feb. 28 to Mar. 1. It has some updated numbers showing 54-46 Sarkozy-Royal. Unfortunately they do not seem to have any questions about the "Intentions de Vote au 2nd tour" for Bayrou-Royal or Bayrou-Sarkozy.

They do have some questions that may have been there before but I at least hadn't seen them,--for example, regardless of actual voting intentions, 61% predicted a Sarko win while 22% said likewise for Royal. However, when asked about who they WANTED to win, 33% said Sarkozy and 30% said Royal. It looks like she just has to convince people that she CAN win and there is a willing voter block for her.

And another update on the " Êtes-vous sûr de votre choix ou pourriez-vous changer d'avis ?" question, it is now 59% solid, 39% changeable, and 2% without opinion.

Barnett said...

Oh I almost forgot--link!

Boz said...

Thanks looks good. I guess the big problem for Royal will now be to make sure that that 59% solid doesn't rise any higher before she rises in the polls herself.

I have a feeling that if she can even out the second round polls before the first round, Bayrou won't be too big of an issue. But, if she is still down 8-10% in the Sarko-Sego runoff, there's always the possibility that an exodus of Socialists will turn towards Bayrou in the first round.