Sunday, March 25, 2007

Segolene bares all in book

Over the past few days there have been several stories on Socialist candidate Segolene Royal's new book entitled Maintenant, or Now, which will be released this coming Tuesday.

According to the AP, Royal attempts to clarify several key things, notably her relationship with Socialist party cheif Francois Hollande (they have 4 children) and her committment to the Socialist party ideals in general, as well as unleash harsh criticism against her main challengers, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Bayrou.

Sarkozy's "desire to control everything" is "worrisome" for France, she is quoted as saying. Criticism of policies Sarkozy introduced during his tenure as interior minister and critiques of his campaign promises pepper the 331-page-long book.

Royal also lashes out at center-right politician Francois Bayrou, saying his ambition to overcome the right-left split that has long dominated French politics is "an illusion."

"Attempting to blur the borders, that's making fun" of the French people, she said

If you are curious, the book is now available for a measely 5% off on Amazon.

Although she may gain some good short-term press coverage over the book, she has a hard act to follow. Nicolas Sarkozy's book Témoignage was a best-seller in France this past summer, and has garnered decent reviews for its newly released English translation.


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I've got a friend who's publishing the interior ministry polls.
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Excellent, thanks. I don't mind links at all so long as their relevant.


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