Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Socialist economist supports Sarkozy

If there is any Judas in this election campaign, it is Eric Besson. Economic advisor to the Socialist party, he resigned in disgust soon after Segolene Royal announced her presidential pact, and quickly wrote a scathing book entitled "Who Knows Mme Royal."

Yet he has managed to go one step farther. During an interview with Le Figaro, he said that "Sarkozy is more qualified than Royal to chair France."

I explain in my book to have since ten years of good personal relations with Nicolas Sarkozy and to appreciate his taste for the action. That did not prevent it from not sparing me in the Hemicycle when he was a Minister for Finance, and I do not think that the PS can reproach me for having it, in return, spared much in my partisanes activities... Now that I am free of any fastener, and engaging only me, I think I may say he raised any ambiguity on points in my crucial eyes (the American intervention to Iraq, the communautarism, etc), and that the republican which I am appreciated his speech of nomination of January 14. He, in my eyes, prepared and is thus qualified more indeed than Ségolène Royal to chair France. As for joining him, he knows and I publicly said what it is: I decided to turn over now towards the world of business.

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Tim said...

Wow, what a bastard !

Boz said...

I'm sure Royal's thinking something similar.