Friday, March 9, 2007

Socialists get cocky

French socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who lost the socialist nomination to Segolene Royal this past fall, is now stumping for her support. Even while UDF candidate Francois Bayrou is gaining on Royal by the day, Strauss-Kahn has announced that Bayrou's support would be welcome in the second round.

"The question is not to work or not to work (with the centrists) the question, it is the political choice for our country which is done with the second round of presidential election.

I have respect for Francois Bayrou , he marked his rupture with Nicolas Sarkozy and with Jacques Chirac (...) I wish that he go to the end of this rupture and that in the second turn of the presidential election he is able to say no to Nicolas Sarkozy and join the 'pact présidentiel' of Ségolène Royal."

If that wasn't clear enough, Strauss-Kahn then disparaged Bayrou's hope of political unity, saying that "the national union that Francois Bayrou proposes, that does not function". He also characterized this mission of bipartisanship as "opposition to progress". For some reason, I don't think Bayrou will be accepting anytime soon.

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