Friday, March 16, 2007

Roughly 11 candidates to be on ballot

Today is the last day for presidential candidates to hand in 500 signatures of elected officials to the Constitutional Council in order to be on the ballot. The latest news from Le Monde says that a total of 11 candidates have declared that they have at least met the minimum, although the fate of anti-globalist and McDonalds destroyer José Bové remains uncertain.

Regardless, this still falls short of 2002, when 16 candidates managed to make it into the first round. It may however reflect the more concentrated nature of this campaign, with roughly 3/4 of the vote split between Sarkozy, Royal, and Bayrou, and an additional 13-odd % for Le Pen. This has left very little for the fringe candidates, reflected especially in their low poll numbers.

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Zizou 06 said...

Is there any sites that are showing who the candidate are for the legislative elections. The UMP has a list of all of their candidate, but I am wondering if the other parties or government/news website that has a list of candidates?

Boz said...

If you work your way through the French wikipedia page they do have some of the candidates listed by region.