Monday, March 19, 2007

Will they debate?

The French normally wait for a candidate-against-candidate debate until after the first round of voting, when there are only two candidates left. This has not stopped some, including the candidates themselves, from hoping to debate before the first round on April 22.

Today UDF candidate Francois Bayrou endorsed the idea on France 2, saying "I am favorable, organize it! Invite us, I will come." This also got some lukewarm support from Socialist Segolene Royal, who told the press earlier that she was "not hostile" to the idea.

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy setiments on the issue are not known, but this has not stopped him from discounting the idea because of strict French election laws that require equality in the time allotted to each candidate's time to speak.

"It is nevertheless a funny idea to ask for the organization of a debate one moment when one cannot any more organize them since there are 12 candidates. How will one do it will all of the the strict equality?"

I may be wrong, but there seems to be a point when artificially enforced égalité gets in the way of a little thing called liberté.

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