Sunday, March 11, 2007

Women for Sarkozy

The Telegraph is running an aricle that examines the number of women who are supporting Nicolas Sarkozy for president, as opposed to the first major female candidate, Segolene Royal.

Marie-Claude Pichot, a well-to-do businesswoman, was among those who felt Miss Royal had let them down. "In the beginning we were delighted because here was a woman who had kicked open the door," she said. "And we really wanted a woman president. But then we discovered that she was not representative of women. She made mistakes and she played on being a woman, it didn't resonate with us."

"Ségolène Royal has played on being a woman but comes across as cold, frigid and robotic, and women are disappointed with her," she said. Another woman present said: "Ségolène Royal's programme is one of handouts, but we don't want handouts. We want assistance to make our own lives."

At the end of the article a French pollster from TNS-Sofres tries to generalize the different voting blocs and who they are supporting. She advises that the most important group as of now is the 14 million strong working class, of which more than half have not decided for whom to vote.

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