Friday, April 13, 2007

Bayrou aims at Holocaust comment

Last month UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy told an audience in Nice that as far as France is concerned:

"It has not carried out a genocide. It did not invent the final solution. It invented human rights and it's the country in the world which has fought the most for freedom."

He again brought up the same theme of Nazisim in recent interview, in which he expressed his revulsion of Germany's past:

"It's an enigma that a great democratic people could participate, through elections, in the Nazi madness. There are a lot of nations across the world which have gone through social, monetary and political crises and who have not invented the final solution, nor decreed the extermination of a race."

Whatever the merits of these words, they may be coming back to haunt him. Today UDF candidate Francois Bayrou, attempting to gain traction when there isn't any, warned that Sarkozy's comments are only further proof of his flirtation with the ideas of the far-right National Front.

"(There are) many signs, many comments that show Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to get closer to the National Front in the first round...How do you expect the German people and the German government not to shiver at such forthright accusations, which take the German people back to the drama and crime of Hitler?"

Bayrou's reasoning may be a bit off, but the National Front itself isn't making things easier for Sarkozy. Today Jean-Marie Le Pen told RTL radio that "By taking on the themes of the National Front, Mr. Sarkozy has helped us...legitimizing us."

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