Friday, April 20, 2007

Bayrou aims at Le Monde

Yesterday the French paper Le Monde published an editorial entitled "Impératif démocratique", which called for the French to send Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royal into the runoff.

April 22, 2007 cannot, should not resemble April 21, 2002...It is important that our "dear and old country" can, to the second turn, statement clearly where it wants to go; and comes to a conclusion about a certain idea of our future, of our life together. It is thus necessary, at the evening of the first turn, which are joined together the conditions of clear and great confrontation between two projects of society.

From this point of view, there are in the political offer available two options: that of Nicolas Sarkozy, claiming the irhgt and outgoing is necessary thus have to wish that the second, claiming left and that Ségolène Royal incarnates, is present at the second turn to ensure the chances of a true choice.

Obviously this did not bode well with UDF candidate Francois Bayrou, who has made his campaign about a "third" centrist choice. Yesterday in at a press conference, Bayrou responded in the strongest of terms, lashing out at the two part monopoly.

I felt this leading article like a stab...a proof of the incredible collusion at the top of the State between the PS, UMP and the powers which support them...

What arrogance makes that, in our country, the powerful ones decided that once and for all it would have only these two parties, these two exhausted parties, these two parties which led us to the pit where we are, who would have the democratic right to participate in power?"

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