Monday, April 23, 2007

Bayrou center of attention

On a day when the media can finally focus all attention on the two major candidates in this election, all eyes have now turned to UDF candidate Francois Bayrou, who while losing in a disappointing third, holds a disproportionally large section of France's swing votes, all crucial on the May 6 runoff. The question is what will he do with this 18.5% of the vote.

The capital which he accumulated during this campaign, he intends to convert it into an autonomous force, which will have its own representation within the French National Assembly: "This hope that we gave birth to...I will not give up it," promised Mr. Bayrou. I will not give up any of these convictions. I will not retrogress."

But will he endorse either Royal or Sarkozy? Bayrou is going to speak at another press conference this Wednesday April 25, and may speak again after the May 2 debate. Other than that, we are left with these words: "I do not exclude anything."

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