Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bayrou: Just say No

Sorry I don't have time to expand upon this now, but UDF candidate Francois Bayrou just announced that he will not be officially endorsing any candidate in the runoff, although he welcomes the overtures of cooperation and dialogue from the two candidates.

I will not give an instruction of vote...I estimate that the French who voted for me are in conscious free citizens of their choice."

Update: Not only did Bayrou refuse to endorse any candidate in today's press conference, he also judged them harshly enough to ensure that he will not back down from neutrality in this election. Bayrou described both Sarkozy's and Royal's presidential programs as a "delirious increase" in expenditure. He also criticized Royal's counter-growth economic plans and Sarkozy for "inflaming dangerous topics."

Also as promised in his election campaign, Bayrou announced the formation of a new political party, "Parti démocrate", which will presumably receive support from the 7 million French who voted for Bayrou in this election.

It will be interesting to see where this election campaign will go, now that the biggest question, Bayrou, has been answered. This will certainly not stop Royal or Sarkozy from continuing to reach out to Bayrou's supporters, but they will have to push their own program's instead of just appealing to the man himself.

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