Sunday, April 22, 2007

Candidates begin to respond

Now free speech is once again legal, so let's talk. The final tally will show Sarkozy in the upper 29%, Royal from 25%-26%, Bayrou about 18.5%, and Le Pen at roughly 11%. Hopefully we'll get some official responses from the campaigns.

According to France24, Socialist chief Francois Hollande has called for "a very large gathering around the pact of Segolene Royal." Her site is now featuring a "Disover in 7 min the 7 pillars of the presidential pact", and a live video feed from Melle.

Sarkozy's site has a live video feed as well, although my computer's completely stuck. Current PM Dominique de Villepin has responded, congratulating Sarkozy for his "excellent score", and saying that the high voter turnout "marks the vitality of our democracy."

I don't know what Bayrou's site is going for. All they have is a post that says he received 18%-19% of the vote and arrived in third place. It also says he will make a declaration later in the evening.

And finally, I don't see any changes or movement on the Le Pen site.


piktor said...

Boz, Le Figaro has Sarko 30%, Royal 26% :

piktor said...

Hey, Boz, as I write this I'm hearing Sarko on Royal's site!

She's waiting, lady-like for the sucker to stop blowing his horn.

I hope she becomes Queen, check that, Madame President!