Monday, April 9, 2007

Candidates run first TV spots

Today all candidates had their first several minute "spots" appear on the public stations France-2, France-3, France-4, France-5, France-Inter, RFO and RFI, which will continue for the next 10 days.

Socialist Segolene Royal highlighted her femininity in her first spot, telling the audience that:

"I am a woman, a mother of four children, I have my feet on the ground, I have a concrete sense, I am a free woman."

Francois Bayrou again utilized his idea of being the only candidate to unite France, saying:

"I want to be the president who gathers the French, it is the only means of rebuilding France."

National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen also continued to highlight his authenticity, reminding voters "to prefer the original to the copy" with regards to issues like "immigration, patriotism, and the national identity."
While the major candidates were formal in speaking in front of a camera, Revolutionary Communist League candidate Olivier Besancenot appeared in a factory speaking with workers, and Green candidate Dominique Voynet was filmed in the outdoors.

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Stew said...

"Un merde de quatre enfants", ou "une mere de quatre enfants"?

Boz said...

Hah, considering the time they likely put into making these TV spots, I hope she didn't slip up on that.