Thursday, April 26, 2007

Debate cancelled

Almost as soon as the Royal-Bayrou debate was was cancelled. Canal+, which was originally going to organize the debate, made a public statement that denied any debate would take place this Saturday.

"(The) rules impose a strict equality of air time between presidential candidates, so Canal+ cannot broadcast the debate between Segolene Royal and Francois Bayrou."

However, a Socialist party spokesman later said that they would ensure this debate is held one way or another.


rcb said...

I don't know what either party had to gain from this, but the cancellation kinda' stuns me -- by the way have you seen this? -- if that doesn't get you to the article about french worries about terrorists trying to influence the elections (madrid style) go to
and look around there. I haven't heard anything anywhere else, and debka does its pro-Israel best to scare the bejeepers out of anyone who will listen, but then again - Madrid DID happen! Whaddya think?


Bayrou's flirtation with Ségo was cut short so like a jilted lover, he's now training his guns on Sarko. What a sour-graping bonehead of a loser.

Let's focus on the Sarko-Ségo debate.

I watched Sarkozy's performance on France 2 (last night) after watching Ségo on the other channel. Sarkozy was more impressive. He has control of figures and facts, never once stooping to resorting to personal below the belt attacks on his rival (which Ségo did by evoking fear, danger, public confrontation, etc. in her diatribes against Sarkozy).

Sarkozy will win the televised debate on 2 May. Let's not forget that he's not only a trained lawyer, he's also been a minister with major cabinet porfolios, finance as well as interior.

He will puncture Ségo's arguments all the way. Ségo's penchant for a nanny or mummy language, albeit literary stands no chance against a more skillfull and experienced Sarkozy.

I'm confident that after the May 2 debate, the gap between the two contenders will be even wider than the latest poll which is 53% for Sarkozy and 47% for Royal.

Boz said...

Rcb, I occasionally read and while I doubt much of what they say, there is likely some truth in everything. That being said, if the very unlikely did occur, and France was attacked on the eve of the election, I would imagine that politcally speaking, it would help Sarkozy, as polls show that the French trust him more in times of crisis.

Hillblogger, although I'm not as big a Sarkozy supporter as your blog, I have to agree that Sarkozy can win hands down. However, if Royal can somehow pull off a female-victimization shtick she might make it a draw. By the way, check out this Sarko-Sego debate. Preview?