Monday, April 23, 2007

France's Funniest Home Videos

The mark of any comfortable politician is usually his ability to make fun of himself, and intentionally or unintentionally, Sarkozy's camp is doing much more of this than Royal right now. Some examples:

On Sarkozy's "NSTV" there is now a video montage of election night, behind which play's the most Disneyesque, cheesy, and inspiring music available. Interestingly, the video shows that Segolene Royal's speech was broadcast on the big screen last night in Sarkozy's HQ, a not so subtle hint that Sarkozy wants to seem as inclusive as possible.

You can also watch a video from last Friday, in which Sarkozy rides a horse through a river. I knew politics could get dirty, but this seems to be going a bit too far. Is there that big of a "horseback-riding" vote that Sarkozy was appealing to?

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