Friday, April 6, 2007

Genetics Debate

Both of Nicolas Sarkozy's main challengers have now responded to his suggestion in a March interview that behavior such as pedophilia and suicide are the results of genetics, just as certain genes can predispose someone to cancer.

UDF candidate Francois Bayrou, who is campaigning in Corsica, told the press that:

"It is a very serious matter, that means that one has no chance, that one's destiny is played in advance. I do not believe that there is a doctor, a psychiatrist in France who can hear these remarks without quivering...To say that the teenagers who commit suicide do it because they were born like that, it is something which would divert us from our work of prevention, of care."

Socialist Segolene Royal has only said "I let the scientists answer," leaving the co-director of her campaign to elaborate:

"Of course, it is up to scientists to react to these remarks, (which are) at the very least surprising. One saw other countries calling into question the theories of Darwin... In this particular case, this type of matter tends to excuse in advance all child predators."

Note: I don't mean to inject humor into a such a serious topic, but in this case, I really must. I use an online translator to do most block translations, and then go through line by line to ensure that it makes some sense. In the last quote in this post, the translator accidently translated the term "child predators" into "predatory children." For some reason I don't think that is what Royal's advisor was referring to.

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Andrzej Lobelio said...

"Predatory children"
I have seen that you are using an e-translator which made me smiling many times but this one I've missed.