Monday, April 23, 2007

Horse race begins, endorsements flow

As the campaign for the second round of voting finished its first day, everyone is either asking for votes or recommending who to vote for.

Foreign Affairs

As reported earlier, Venezuelan President sent his best wishes to Segolene Royal, although he admitted to not knowing her. Later in the day, former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, another pristine example of democracy, announced his support for Nicolas Sarkozy.

(We) will see two conceptions of politics and economics clash, and naturally we are supporters of Sarkozy."

This was quickly denounced by Royal, who said she wanted no part of Berlusconi's Europe. Combined with Spanish PM Zapatero's endorsement of Royal on the eve of the election, there seems to be a competition among foreign leaders to see who can most interfere with France's domestic affairs.

Besson's Betrayal

Today the Judas of this campaign, former Socialist Economic Secretary Eric Besson, who resigned during Royal's campaign and proceeded to write a damaging book about her, declared his support for Sarkozy in front of almost 10,000 UMP supporters.

"I am a man of the left who will support and vote for a man who asserts himself of the right.

I am a progressive convinced that, for this election, it is a republican of the right who carries best the values in which I believe."

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winston jamz said...

What is Eric Besson up to? It is one thing stating you are in disagreement with the candidate, but it must be incredibly bad form to seem to profit from your old connection.

Maybe he is simply looking for a job. Surely if he can change sides that easily,no one will ever trust him again. I don't think it reflects badly on Royal and the Socialists, it simply shows him at his worst.

He certainly deserves the title 'Judas of this Campaign'.

Boz said...

It is odd that each candidate seems to have generated such backlashes. For Royal it was Besson, for Sarkozy it was former UMP minister Azouz Begag, and I believe a prominent UDF supporter abandoned Bayrou for Sarkozy.

The hilarious thing about Besson is that his recently published book that attacks Royal must have been started before he resigned from the party.