Sunday, April 8, 2007

Le Pen distances himself from Sarkozy

National Front candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen went great lengths to seperate himself today from more moderate right-wing candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, attempting to shore up as much of the far-right as possible before election day in two weeks. His comments directly attacked Sarkozy for his Hungarian origins, in comparison with Le Pen's native birth.

"He is a candidate who comes from immigration, me, I am a candidate of the soil. It is true that there is a difference, a choice which can be regarded as fundamental by a certain number of French....Nicolas Sarkozy who would have perhaps made a very beautiful career in Hungary."

Le Pen then went on to deny that any agreement existed between him and Sarkozy, as has been suggested by some on the left.

"I can say to you that it is not true. Nothing is hidden. I remain on the assumption to be present at the second turn (against Sarkozy)."

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