Friday, April 27, 2007

Libya enters election campaign

Libya may not be a hot topic on most foreign policy agendas now that it has stopped overtly exporting terrorism, but it took center stage in yesterday's presidential campaign. Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor were sentenced to death this past December for infecting 426 children with HIV, causing international furore as independent scientists denied that it was the medics' fault. Both Sarkozy and Royal met with members of the prisoners' families yesterday, pledging to work for their release.


"The aim is to do everything to obtain their release, particularly on a European level."


"I want France to put human rights to the service of these women's rights. We cannot leave them in this situation. We must react, we must act. If I am elected president of the republic, I will make the release of these women and this man a priority."

Of course while moral support is always welcome, neither had any concrete proposals on how to resolve the issue. Perhaps to underline this shallowness, an official of Libya's Foreign Ministry told reporters today that the statements of the two candidates were merely "pre-election publicity".

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G.Schiavi said...

Please may be intersting if I live here the text of the intervent of Gerald Batten to European Parliament concerning Human Rights and "Prodi our Men"?
Seems that is waited a video partecipation of Prodi to a Madame Royale Convention.
It seems to me not to be a beautifull things.
G.Schiavi from Roma

25th April 2007

Joint Debate - Human Rights in the World in 2006 and the EU’s policy on the matter.

On the subject of Human Rights I would like to draw attention to the plight of a political prisoner in the European Union.

He has been imprisoned in Rome for the last four months.

He is now in poor health both physically and mentally.

He is being held without prospect of release or trial to try and break his will in an attempt to force him to sign false confessions against himself and others.

His name is Mario Scaramella, and his alleged offences are contrived accusations without foundation.

Mr Scaramella was of course the man who went to London in November 2006 to warn Alexander Litvinenko that he was about to be murdered.

Mr Scaramella and Mr Litvinenko had both been associated with the Mitrokhin Commission investigating links between Italian politicians and the KGB.

Mr Scaramella should be released and returned to his family immediately pending any trial.

Josh said...

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