Monday, April 9, 2007

Lévy supports Royal

French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy, who recently penned the American travelogue "American Vertigo", has announced that he will be voting for Socialist candidate Segolene Royal in both rounds of the upcoming election.

Although he tempered his support by saying that he was unsettled by several of Royal's propositions, including having a flag at every house and creating citizen juries, Levy declared that "everything considered" she "has the most reasonable positions and those seem to me to go in the best direction." Levy also added a bit of his own political advice, saying that if Royal were to announce that she would make former Dominique Strauss-Kahn her Prime Minister, the polls may experience a "spectacular quivering."

As for UMP leader Nicolas Sarkozy, Levy was quite damning.

"For me, he has crossed a line of which I have devoted my life to say that it must be traced and say to us that there is a predisposition to pedophilia...a predisposition to suicide...(that) genetics decides, that is not bearable.

In other cases, one says to oneself: 'He is of tactics, he is Machiavellian, he is fishing the votes of Le Pen' is something which apparently he thinks and I believe that a line was crossed."

Just to note, Levy conducted a full page interview with Royal for the Wall Street Journal several months ago.

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