Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Socialist Shift?

After a full day of courting Francois Bayrou's voters, fortunes may just be moving slightly in Segolene Royal's favor. According to a new Ipsos poll taken yesterday, 38% of Bayrou's voters would vote for Royal, compared to 35% for Sarkozy, and 27% abstention. Most previous polls showed Nicolas Sarkozy had the slight edge, so with this reversal, we will have to wait and see if anything changed in the general runoff polls.

Co-founder of Doctor's Without Border's Bernard Kouchner, who praised the idea of an alliance between the PS and UDF before the election, has said that Royal's proposition of a dialogue with Bayrou is historically important for the Socialist Party.

That, this is a historic movement in the French Socialist Party, this opening, because all the other European social democratic parties have nod this, they have opened, they have accepted the regulated market economy, while controlling it, and it is this alliance which made Europe."

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Terry L. Arner said...

I want to say that I also would not shake President Bush's hand. I am a 47 year old male American and I am tired of all of the lies from this administration. I am sure there will be a demacrat in the office by the end of next year.I also wish you the best and I wish to visit of even stay in your country at some point in the future. Thank you.