Monday, April 16, 2007

More weigh in on PS-UDF alliance

The idea first proposed several days ago of an "alliance" between Socialist candidate Segolene Royal and UDF candidate Francois Bayrou is gaining more interest as the election enters its last week.

Former Education Minister and Socialist Claude Allegre said today that although no such alliance exists, the relatively little difference between the two campaigns makes it highly possible.

"Much people from the left will vote Bayrou on Sunday because he does not want Sarkozy, and they think that Bayrou, against Sarkozy, is the useful vote.

...there are no considerable differences between what Bayrou proposes and what the Socialists propose. Consequently, a PS-UDF alliance is completely conceivable.

(However) in the first round, each one is presented under his/her own banner: the idea of Rocard is thus not for the moment operational. It will be necessary to await the second round to see whether these bringings together will take place."

Fellow candidate Dominique Voynet of the Green party said that the idea is simply an "intellectual construction which does not correspond to a request on the ground" but that "the worst would undoubtedly be for our country to have Nicolas Sarkozy as President of the Republic."

"He worries me by his personality which appears to me agitated and brutal. He also worries me by his project which is a neoconservative project in the American sense of the term."

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