Friday, April 13, 2007

Royal Bayrou alliance?

Former Socialist Prime Minister Michel Rocard has suggested in a Le Monde editorial that Socialist candidate Segolene Royal and UDF candidate Francois Bayrou ally before the first round of voting in their fight against Nicolas Sarkozy.

"One should not await the after-second-turn to create the dynamics of alliance. In a few days, the French will decide who, Francois Bayrou or Ségolène Royal, will be the best capable to beat Nicolas Sarkozy. And they will do it all the better that they know, in all cases, a sincere and constructive alliance will defend in the second turn then in legislative elections a project of hope for France.

I thus call Francois Bayrou and Ségolène Royal, before the first turn, to express themselves in front of the French to take the route of this alliance. That they make confidence with the French so that the French will trust them."

The idea was quickly nixed by Socialist party head Francois Hollande, who said that there is "no conceivable alliance between the left and a party of the right."

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