Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Royal Bayrou debate?

Already receiving criticism from several left-wing candidates for not backing Royal, UDF candidate Francois Bayrou did accept Segolene Royal's proposal for a public dialogue. After this, Royal said that she and Bayrou should debate this Friday in order discuss certain portions of her presidential pact.

"I propose this debate of explanations on a certain number of proposals of my presidential pact, with the only objective to enlighten the voters, to give dignity to the debate, to clarify the solutions which will make it possible for France to advance (...), and not to convince Francois Bayrou."

Royal may be taking a risky step, because anything that could highlight the differences between her and Bayrou would end up hurting her on election day. Then again, at several points behind in the polls, she needs to do as much as possible to captivate his voters, even if no official endorsement or alliance takes place.

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Name: Alex Moronda said...

Bayrou (and his voters) want respect. Royal is giving it to them. Smart move. It also serves to marginalize SARKOZY. Quite a feat, really, in an election between two candidates.

Boz said...

Sarkozy is playing the riskier hand with his carrot/stick approach, but he doesn't have as much to lose. A calm and respectful approach for Royal might be right, and is definitely good in contrast with Sarkozy's agressive style. Whether it can (or will be enough) to close her 2-7 point gap is not yet known.


Charbax said...

Check out my page at it's in french, I interview hundreds of french people in videos and post all of them on that site.

Boz said...

Thanks for the link, it looks like you've been busy.


SBW said...

I'm not pro-Sarkozy, but my first reaction on a Royal-Bayrou debate in the 2nd tour was to laugh. Is this because Sarkozy refuses to debate Royal, or Royal doesn't want to debate Sarkozy, or Bayrou doesn't know when his campaign is over?