Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Royal buoyed, alludes to Obama

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal has seen fortunes turn in her favor over the last several days of the campaign, with polls showing Nicolas Sarkozy's lead falling in the first round and their difference closing in the second. In an interview that will appear tomorrow, Royal reflected this late optimism, even echoing Barack Obama's trademark "audacity of hope."

"I am trustful. I call for a useful, positive vote. So that the French say: It is is good, we are content, we have a super president of Republic who will give again the pride to France, who will regulate the problems.

"(I) request from the French a vote of audacity. Me, I am a promise of reassured audacity.

There are still 17 million undecided voters. They are reflecting. I see the mark of a requirement there. What I propose, it is to reform France without maltreating, to reconcile solidarity, individual responsability and economic efficiency."

If Royal was (un)intentionally alluding to a Democratic counterpart across the pond, Nicolas Sarkozy was sounding downright evangelical, repeating in two interviews the values of Europe's Christian values.

"Christianity saw being born our nation. It took part in the greatest hours of its history, and also sometimes with its dramas. It covered our territory of churches, cathedrals, monuments...immense inheritance of cultural, moral, intellectual and spiritual values."

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