Sunday, April 1, 2007

Royal enters British captives debate

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal raised eyebrows during her fall primary campaign when she declared that the Islamic Republic of Iran should not even be allowed to have a civilian nuclear energy program.

During a TV interview today, Royal stated that the recent capture of 15 British sailors by Iran's Revolutionary Guard "prove(s) that I am right."

"It is necessary for decision on this question at the European level in the direction of the sanctions. It is necessary to start with economic sanctions. Then, of the diplomatic sanctions and in any case to show one very very great firmness with regard to what has just occurred to obtain the immediate release of these hostages.

I am completely in solidarity with the British government and of the British on this question. his violence does not have any raison d'être.

It is necessary to be firm with regard to the Iranian regime. You know my positions on this subject on the civil nuclear power... All these affairs prove that I am right. I believe that there is no weakness to have with regard to this State today."

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