Monday, April 30, 2007

Royal hints at PM

In an interview with Le Monde Socialist candidate Segolene Royal hinted that she might appoint former Minister of Finances Dominique Strauss-Kahn as prime minister if she were elected president next Sunday. Here's the exchange:

LM: You have been in competition with Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He was absent during your campaign for the first round, and now he is very (much) present...

SR: Dominique is present at my side at his request and I am pleased. He is a talented and imaginative man. He could be a very good Prime Minister, if such is my choice.

Strauss-Khan, or DSK as the media abbrieviates, challenged Royal for the Socialist Party nomination last fall and came in second place. He is quite close to former Socialist PM Michel Rocard, who openly called for a PS alliance with UDF leader Francois Bayrou several weeks ago, so Royal is now using DSK as much as possible to appeal to UDF voters. This could also be a ploy to counter attacks that her economic program is anti-growth, for when DSK was Minister of Finances, France enjoyed higher GDP growth and decreasing unemployment. He was also against the 35 hour work week, a position about which Royal has been at best unclear.

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Name: Alex Moronda said...

Royal was rather clear about the 35 hour work week. She indicated that it was "too easy on employers" eg it's too easy to get around it, which is true.

I don't understand what the confusion is. She won't be rolling it up to 40 hours that's for effing sure.

Boz said...

Haha, I don't have any illusions that she wants to get rid of it. She has said something about "consolidating", but frankly I have no idea what that means other than simple tinkering. So yes, she is clear that she doesn't want major extensions like Sarkozy, but I don't believe she has addressed the issue the depth it deserves.


Alden said...

Within a matter of hours Royal hinted at both DSK and Bayrou as potential PMs. She is clearly panicking. In the next few days she might suggest Abraham Lincoln, so stay tuned.

She is running a campaign against change, change embodied in a very new kind of French statesman. All the apparatus of the Establishment is up in arms and willing to do anything to maintain their grip on power.

The French people just may do it this time, they maybe taking their first steps towards being free.

Name: Alex Moronda said...

She is not running a campaign against change. She suggested a friggin 6th Republic. That's change.

She's name dropping PM's as a campaign TACTIC. Obviously. Also, Bayrou was a symbolic hint at best because everyone knows that won't happen. DSK has been a rumored member of a Royal government since the socialists nominated her.

Alden said...

I would hate to see what that Sixth republic would look like given that 30% of Sego’s constituency are extreme left wingers and Communists who are in a complete state of denial and incapable of adjusting one nanometer to REALITY. Prodi’s hands are tied by his extreme left wing and so are Mdme Royal’s, not an enviable position to be in when serious politicians are trying to solve France’s real problems in the context of a “free market” world that is becoming more and more free as we speak.

Name: Alex Moronda said...

alden -

Whatever you think of the change, it is "change" nonetheless. Your comments are illogical and irrational. They smell of fear.

Alden said...

Au contraire, dear sir, I think it is a very exciting time to be in France. There is a sense of hope in the air, the aspiring of a people to be free.

People who work all day and have nothing to show for their toils are slaves. The French want to break their chains, it’s a perfectly human thing and it’s invigorating. The “revolutions” in the US, UK, Ireland and Spain have proven that it is possible.

The free world needs an economically viable and strong France as a partner more than ever. Let’s hope that the transformation of this great country happens quickly.

santori said...

Not exactly relevant, but:

French scientists urged to vote Royal

Name: Alex Moronda said...

Wow, you're really deluded.

Alden said...

Cher Monsieur,

Is ad hominem the best you can do?

Well I suppose you learned it from Sego. Sadly, she doesn’t have much more to offer either.