Sunday, April 22, 2007

Royal is endorsed, Le Pen and Bayrou wait

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal picked up several endorsements from far-left candidates, including that of Marie-George Buffet, Dominique Voynet, and Arlette Laguiller. Here's what Buffet said:

"Lucid on the insufficiencies and ambiguities of the program of the socialist candidate, I call without hesitation all the men and all the women of the left, and all the democrats to vote and elect on May 6 Ségolène Royal."

The two heavyweights, UDF candidate Francois Bayrou and FN candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen have yet to officially endorse anyone. The president of the UDF said:

"We will listen to what the candidates qualified for the second round say and we will say 'how one ensures that the transformation of the French political life can be done?'"

Le Pen seemed almost defiant, claiming victory in the battle of ideas but then saying that his ability to apply the right solutions was stopped by the same candidates who seized his issues.

"We won the battle of the ideas, the nation and patriotism, immigration and the insecurity were put at the heart of the campaign by adversaries which, as lately as yesterday...This ideological victory is an irreversible asset of the National Front.

(But) I fear that the French were misused and I predict to them with sadness of the following days...Those who seized the ideas of the National Front, only prevented us from applying the true solutions to all the problems of France."

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