Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sarkozy clarifies foreign policy

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy gave a wide ranging foreign policy interview to the weekly "Review of Lebanon", touching on France's relationship with the United States, the new world order, and the Middle East.

As for the USA:

"Allied does not mean won over and it is our role, as friends of the Americans, to say to them when we think that they are mistaken.

The friendship cannot be true, it cannot be sincere unless one is free. I ask our American friends to leave us free (...) in terms of our positions.

Not a single country can claim, today, to face alone the threats and the international crises. This is why our policy lies naturally within the collective frameworks and, initially, the European Union and the United Nations."

As for the Middle East:

"If I am elected, I will register my action in the continuity of this friendship old and deep which links France and the Arab world.

Never will I compromise with the safety of the State of Israel. And at the same time, I want to say to our Israeli friends that the policy in fact achieved on the ground mortgages the chances of peace heavily.

I believe that it is important to finish some with this myth which consists in believing that by fixing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict one will have fixed all the problems of the area."

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