Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sarkozy does damage control, steady in polls

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has been on damage control after coming under attack for linking genetics directly to pedophilia and suicide in a March interview. Nevertheless, he has yet to apologize for his remarks.

"It is necessary that each one stays calm. It is not by attacking others that one progresses in the polls."

Recent events would likely confirm Sarkozy last statement. Although in a single week he has endured the cancelling of a trip because of anti-Sarkozy protests, being mocked by Jean-Marie Le Pen the following day, having a former government minister say that Sarkozy threatened him in an upcoming book, and having this genetics controversy explode, he still remains far ahead on every poll.

The daily Ipsos barometer, now with data from April 5-7, shows Sarkozy still a comfortable 8 points ahead of Segolene Royal in the first round and 8 points ahead of her again in a one-on-one runoff. French indecision is slowly...slowly falling, now measured in this survey at 35%. Not only do a majority of the French predict his final victory (53%), but the number of those wishing for his victory has stayed steady at 31%, 8 points above Royal, and 13 points above potential danger Francois Bayrou. Sarkozy may want a rupture with the past once elected, but as of now, not from the past few months.

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