Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sarkozy endures more criticism, moderates comments

UMP Nicolas Sarkozy has endured another full day of harsh bipartisan criticism for comments he made linking genetics to pedophilia and suicide. Here, Socialist Laurent Fabius:

"(the position) denies the inalienable freedom of each person to build his life by his choices and his acts...translated a vision of man and society unfortunately rather near to the eugenism. It is unacceptable, all the more on behalf of a candidate in the presidential election."

Fearing that such a controversy could hurt him just days before the first round of voting, Sarkozy attempted to moderate his position, declaring:

"What is the difference between the innate and the acquired? I would take care well not to define it."

Yet whatever he says or meant to say, it is likely that his opponents will milk this issue for all its worth. Whether that can shift the polls remains to be seen.

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