Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sarkozy meets Mubarak

Nicolas Sarkozy, who unlike Segolene Royal has not made any major trips abroad during the campaign, today met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was in Paris after lunching with Jacques Chirac yesterday.

As for Egypt and Mubarak, Sarkozy told the press that:

"I said to President Mubarak that if I were elected, I would wish to have with him the same trustful and friendly relationship that he maintains with President Chirac....I have much admiration for Egypt and, of course, it is completely normal to listen to what experienced Heads of State of the dimension of Mr. Mubarak have to say."

Sarkozy also used the occasion to expand on his own view of the Middle East:

"I will guarantee the safety of Israel but I want a fatherland for the Palestinians, a State for the Palestinians. I want independence for Lebanon and I want to maintain with the various Arab governments trustful relations.

Lebanon is very important in my heart (but) it does there is not only Lebanon. There is the problem of the Palestinians, the problem of the development of a certain number of Arab countries which must reach the conditions of development to fight better against the forces of extremists, because the response to the forces of extremists, it is economic development, it is the training, it is education."

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