Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sarkozy outlines Algerian threat

A day after two suicide car bombings killed 24 in Algeria, UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy told Europe 1 that terrorist groups in Algeria represent one of the greatest threats to French security.

"The principal menace to France comes from Algeria, from the GSPC network that has transformed into al-Qaeda. They have members in several European countries, including France. Al-Qaeda is the adversary of democracies. We are menaced. What happened in London, Madrid and New York could have happened here."

Perhaps confirming some of the worst fears of his adversaries, Sarkozy described the 1992 cancellation of Algerian elections as "courageous" because Islamist were going to win.

"Many criticized the military for doing that but if they hadn't done that, we'd have a Taliban-style regime in Algeria."

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