Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Secret Deal for Amnesty?

The weekly journal Le Canard Enchaine, which previously revealed huge discounts Nicolas Sarkozy received on his appartment when mayor in the same city, is at it again. According to the Wednesday edition, Sarkozy made a deal with outgoing President Jacques Chirac, promising to secure Chirac's immunity if he in turn gave his public support to the campaign.

Specifically, the paper reports that Sarkozy would push through a new judicial reform bill, which would stop any judicial inquiries longer than 10 years. Because all investigations into Chirac date from before he assumed the presidency in 1995, this would effectively make him immune from any prosecution for the many unresolved scandals he endured as mayor of Paris.

Sarkozy has been able to shake off many similar such allegations before, in fact, the disclousures about his property never really hurt him in the polls. But with just 11 days to go, such accusations can only hurt him.

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