Friday, April 13, 2007

Secret survey predicts Royal loss

In a rather odd story in Le Nouvel Observateur, they claim that the French internal information agency "Les Renseignements généraux" (RG) has carried out a 15,000 person survey ahead of next week's election, codenamed "Mercure". According to the secret report, Nicolas Sarkozy will finish with 25% of 26%, followed by Jean-Marie Le Pen and Francois Bayrou each with 19%, and Socialist candidate Segolene Royal just slightly behind.

This report has been officially denied by RG, stating that "Since July 15, 2004, we do not have any more the right to deliver to us electoral forecasts." However, someone close to the Interior Ministry told the Observateur that "They (RG) cannot do differently than to deny this activity, because it has become illegal for three years."

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