Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sego goes Shopping

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal went shopping in a Parisian supermarket today, where she seized the occasion to denounce corporate profits and executive bonuses, aiming especially at Daniel Bernard, who received a huge retirement sum after leaving supermarket chain Carrefour.

Royal also pledged her solidarity with female workers, saying that:

Female wage-earning, it is the proletariat of today, and their concerns are not taken into account...It is my responsibility to react."

This is part of a broader pattern reported by the International Herald Tribune, in which Royal is appealing directly to female voters. Just this Sunday she told a crowd in Achicourt:

"I want to address myself to the women...I need the women's vote...(write) a new page in the history of France...The entire world is watching you."

Whatever the historical implications, many commentators are balking at the tactic:

It's the wrong strategy, totally counterproductive," said Michèle Fitoussi, one of France's leading social commentators and a columnist at French Elle magazine. "Women are going to vote for Ségolène because they believe she's most qualified to be president, not because she's a woman. It's an insult to our intelligence to ask us to do such a thing."

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