Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sego says No, again

Segolene Royal today found herself defending once again why she will not ally with UDF candidate Francois Bayrou, even as two prominent supporters have come out in favor of such a move.

"I fight to be qualified in the end...not the moment to disperse in configurations, or discussions, or negotiations behind the back of the voters.

Between the two rounds, the presidential majority will be built with all those who will come around me to support and get moving the presidential pact."

Obviously she cannot accept anything like this flat out, otherwise that could severely undermine the credibility of her candidacy. However, she must be careful not to reject this too harshly, because her only hope of winning the second round will be if enough of Bayrou's voters shift to her side. Yet negatively for her, this whole proposition has shifted the media attention from several damaging Sarkozy stories, including comments on genetics and pedophilia and rumors of how far he has gone to appease the far-right.

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