Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Segolene gets university support

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal picked up the endorsement of 14 university presidents, who jointly released their support in a statement today.

"Us, presidents and former presidents of the universities, let us call upon Ségolène Royal so that she resolutely engages the country from the point of view of a revival of the universities.

She is the only one capable of incarnating today the hope of a necessary change of course, far from the peremptory injunctions of the past and of the arrogances of the present."

They included some harsh words for UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, saying that:

Who can believe one moment the Pharaonic promises of a candidate who aligns billions of new expenditure all while committing himself to reducing at the same time the national debt...

Who can believe in the revival of scientific employment whereas one advances once again the objective of a drastic reduction of civils servant manpower?"

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L'Amerloque said...

Hi Boz !

This is an excellent illustration of why many French people are clamoring for change.

These "presidents" are public servants, paid with tax money, yet they feel they are entitled to endorse a presidential candidate.

There is no Hatch Act here in France !



Boz said...

It is odd, especially considering that the French airwaves are so regulated, you'd think that public servants would be too. Did they not take into account that Sarkozy might win? What would happen to funding then?!