Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strauss-Khan invites losers to join Royal

Dominique Strauss-Khan, former socialist challenger to Segolene Royal, has called on all voters whose candidate did not win tonight to join Royal in the runoff.

"I feel in this first turn the hope of a revival (...) I believe that henceforth the victory by the revival is possible.

It is necessary that the second round, the victory with the second round of Ségolène Royal is not done solely on the rejection of Nicolas Sarkozy but on a will of change to build this house of the revival.

It is a call with all the voters who do not have their preferred candidate in the second round, those who were more on the left than Ségolène, those who were on the right and who want to build with her the revival which one needs.

Inside there is no agreement of party and of negotiation. There is simply Ségolène Royal who proposes a revival and it is necessary that those who want this revival can line up behind her."

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piktor said...

Boz, my computer also froze. I gave it a good whack and I' back online.

The third-place candidate has spoken but have no idea if Royal has spoken. My guess is she hasn't because her followers are still assembled at her headquarters.

Ther's a talking head in a large sceen TV but no sign of Sego.