Monday, April 2, 2007

Veil steps back from Sarkozy

Simone Veil, a respected French politician and Holocaust survivor, made headlines several weeks ago by publicly endorsing UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidency. She is still doing so, but Veil has come out against Sarkozy's idea of a ministry of immigration and national identity.

For me, it is more than one imprudence. It is more serious. I did not understand. Initially, I find that the formula that he employed is very ambiguous. One does not know very well what that wants to say....Immigration and integration that would suit me much better."

Sarkozy's plan is also receiving only lukewarm support from current Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, who declared today that he is not in complete agreement with Sarkozy on the matter, and would prefer an agency of "immigration" that would work between several already existing ministries.

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Jacques said...


Have you seen the discussion about the recent speeches of Sarkozy about "the ministry of immigration and national identity". Sarkozy was very tough about the Germany's past :
"I think that France haven't to feel ashamed for its history : it hadn't commit genocide. It hadn't invent final solution either."


Thanks you for your interest in the french elections.

Boz said...

Thanks for the link! However, I think Sarkozy should crack open some history books: revolutionary purges, conquering dictators, imperialism, and the wars of colonialism are not judged so kindly either. I'm not blaming France, the US has its fair share of unacceptable tragedies, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them.


Jacques said...

In 2005, there was a big controversy about an amendement by Christian Vanneste, UMP deputy, about the "positive role of France during colonisation". There were huge protests from lots of associations, the left wing, the UDF and many republican deputies from UMP on this question. Chirac had to intervene to remove this amendment and alleviate the atmosphere.

It seems then that only a minority continued to support this refusal of the history (among them, obviously, the FN).

With two speeches (at Nîmes and Nice, this month), Sarkozy takes the risk to contradict all those which preach a lucid vision of the French history (among them, Simone Veil, Dominique de Villepin and Jacques Chirac on the right side).

As a French, I'm not particularly proud of Napoléon, the collaboration of Vichy, the massacres in Algeria and Madagascar, the "Françafrique", ... I fear that, when Sarkozy will become our president, he will reconsider the declarations of Chirac on July 16, 1995 at Vél d’Hiv and consolidates a nationalist vision of France.