Monday, May 7, 2007

Back in the USSA

Ok, just the US, but I'm back after about 36 hours in France. Thanks for all those who tuned in last night, it's always something to see a campaign that has lasted for months and months end in one night. This blog is obviously nearing the end of its usefullness, although I will be covering news at least until Sarkozy's inauguration on May 16. At that point I will definitely have something new, which will likely be related, although I will not have the endurance to keep up a daily news site. It will likely be a mixture of news and analysis updated every few days...but that's too far in the future for right now.

The biggest news of the day has been Sarkozy's announcement (actually during a telephone call with Tony Blair) that his prime minister will be Francois Fillon, currently his senior political advisor. Fillon is roughly the same age as Sarkozy, and has been Minister of Labor and Minister of Higher Education and Research.


niamorlap said...

coquille: the investiture is the 16th May

Jake said...

Hey Boz... Just wanted to thank you for all the good coverage in the run up to the election. Your links and comments were indispensable for getting a feel for the action. I'm going to cut the cord on the feed today. See you in six years.

And by the way, despite my cynical comments about "hoping" that Royal would win, I'm glad Sarko is getting his shot and hope all the best for France.

Boz said...

Heh, I guess the time differences have messed up my ability to distinguish months, thanks.

Jake, I guess we'll see, keep your eyes out for French Election 2012. It's like planning for the Olympics.


Tatanka said...

Sarkozy president and the hateful Fillon as Prime Minister... My, oh my, France will sure be in the news for months to come. Prepare for lots of what the French do best: strikes, social unrest, everyone yelling at everyone else and no-one listening to anyone.
That sounds - and is - ironical, but I'll be there, demonstrating with the others if needs be. And I'm pretty sure it will be the case.

Tatanka said...

Enigmatikmike, if you're around: KEEP HIM in Malta, please, if you like him, you can have him!

enigmatikmike said...

Hey Tatanka,

Your offer is interesting, as we do need him urgently over here too. Unfortunately economic stagnation is not a monopoly of you French. But I fear retaliation from the French secret service were I to kidnap the French president-elect. :p

Since I backed "the winning side" (as childish as it sounds) I feel obliged to make it up to you. If you're ever in Malta feel free to drop by for a coffee and a heated political debate. Seriously. Ways of contacting me are public domain, I guess, through the Blogger profile thing.


Thanks a lot for your coverage. It was excellent, much better than the standard fare offered by such mainstream media like the BBC for example. Your posts really got me into the thick of things.

Good luck for your next project. Whatever it is I'm sure it will be a success. I'll most probably visit too. :)

Alden said...


I am just across the street from you on another island. We could use Sarko in Italy too. Don’t let him stay in Malta too long.

Prodi makes Sego look like Horatio Alger. He has made corruption and personal enrichment, like most Socialists, the main objective of his tenure as President. He is even trying to pass a “anti-Berlusconi law.” Democracy is so wonderful, n’est-ce pas?

Maybe if the left gets to power in France they will enact a law banning from public service anyone under 5”5”, with dark hair, from Hungarian heritage, and an address in Neuilly.

I agree that this blog has been fun and Boz deserves a round of applause. I think the Americans, who live in a real Democracy without the hijinks that old Europe offers, cannot quite understand how reactionary and retrograde is the real Left is over here.

We need the fresh air and liberty that they have had for centuries!


enigmatikmike said...

Hey alden,

According to our Times Sarkozy's yacht left here in the direction of Sicily. Maybe he's coming to your place too. No doubt Tatanka will renew the calls for Sarkozy-napping :p

"French President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy, taking a break after his election win, spent the night on a yacht at Delimara before heading out to sea in the direction of Sicily, eyewitnesses said. Photographers using long lenses said a man who looked like Mr Sarkozy could be seen at the stern of the yacht this morning wearing a blue and white striped T-shirt. His son was seen on the bridge and later with his father on the stern. A Maltese patrol boat stood off the yacht. It was not clear whether Mr Sarkozy would sail all the way to the Italian island of Sicily, a trip that would take at least four hours, or return to Malta. Mr Sarkozy's advisers said he was taking a break to consider the formation of his government after his victory over Socialist Segolene Royal in Sunday's election. Mr Sarkozy arrived in Malta on an unannounced visit late yesterday morning and was driven to the British-registered superyacht. It spent the afternoon cruising off Malta's southern coast and spent the night anchored at Delimara Bay, the scene of a summit meeting between US President George Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in December 1989."