Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bayrou won't vote Sarko

UDF leader Francois Bayrou has refused to endorse either presidential candidate in this weekend's runoff, although he told Le Monde last night that "I will not vote for Sarkozy...he risks worsening the tears in the social fabric."

This now leaves Sarkozy taking two major blows in the past week(s): the loss of the majority of Bayrou's voters and the possible abstention of Le Pen's voters. Neither seems in itself capable of pulling him down as of now, at least according to the polls, but the combined effect could bring him equal to Royal, especially if polls are not taking into account voter turnout.

But if he felt good about his debate performance, he shouldn't worry. 20 million viewers tuned in on average last night, with a peak at 9:45pm at 23.1 million around the world.

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