Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blair gets digital

British PM Tony Blair spoke with Nicolas Sarkozy soon after his win, congratulating him and getting the first opportunity to talk with Sarkozy's choice of French Prime Minister. But that wasn't enough for Downing Street. Yesterday Blair's official Youtube page posted two video congratulations by the British Prime Minister, one 2:32 minute version in English, and a longer 3:43 minute version in French. Unfortunately, comments are banned, so Blair won't be getting any hints on improving his French (or English for that matter, he seemed to be struggling at certain moments). Ironically, the video looks like it was dreamed up by Segolene Royal's campaign...perhaps her campaign advisors now have some new opportunities on the horizon.


Alden said...

I think you'll find that leaders in Europe breathed a collective sigh of relief on the notice of Sarkozy's victory. The thought of Sego at the head of one of Europe's largest economies was a bit of a fright.

enigmatikmike said...

Not all.

Don't forget that Zapatero was a public and blatant Royal supporter, even though that was clearly interference into French internal politics by a foreign neighbouring state.

Boz said...

Yes, Zapatero and Prodi will have awkward introductions for sure. I don't know if they'll ever learn that foriegn endorsements (unless Bush endorsed a candidate) don't change many voters minds.

winston jamz said...

Blair up to his usual tricks playing the role of international statesman. In a few weeks he will be gone, forced out nicely by his party. But you better believe he will still be hanging around. Expect the lecture tours, self promoting good deeds, not to mention the antics of the 'miracle man'. Sadly, he will hand over the UK leadership to his friend. How lucky the French are that they have real democracy in choosing their leader.

Alden said...

Zapatero was chosen by Bin Laden not by the Spanish people. Remember that Aznar's party had a comfortable lead days before the election when the bomb went off in Atocha station. The people in shock voted in panic for Zapatero; and Bin Laden boasts to this day to have elected the man. Spanish voters recoiled a few days later in shock as to the man they had "accidentally" voted into office. The elections should have been delayed to let the emotions wind down, and not give Al Quaeda a victory in Spain.

Aznar did all the tough work reforming Spain from a third world country with 25% unmployment to a modern liberal democracy with 8% unemployment. The Socialist powers he replaced were to bust stuffing their won pockets with loot, that they forgot to think much about Spain or its people (typical.)

Prodi will deliver the coup de grace to Italy. First thing he did in office was to raise taxes on the poor and middle class. Did anyone see the millions of people in Rome protesting peacefully against this tyrant? And he has the audacity to do this with only 20K votes majority. Yes, he surely was for Royal.