Friday, May 4, 2007

Campaign closes with fiery rhetoric

The last day of the week before election weekend ended with some of the harshest rhetoric seen in this campaign, much of it coming from Socialist candidate Segolene Royal:

"I find it indecent to say that the election is already done and indecent the statements of Mr. Sarkozy who said that the game's finished...(Mr. Sarkozy is a) danger. I am not the only one to say it. Francois Bayrou said with harder words still. It is known for example that the situation is extremely fragile in the popular districts. When he makes acclaim the word Kärcher in his meetings, it is very imprudent."

Earlier she got downright ridiculous, accusing Sarkozy of being a threat to democracy.

"When I see the way in which this debate (with the president of UDF) was scorned, was vilified, I think that tomorrow, the Republic will be in difficulty, democracy is indeed threatened.

The right-wing candidate is a danger to the unity of the Republic, for social peace, the public services. It is necessary to escape this lead cover of power the media, the financial powers. Is is necessary that the people draw themselves up, seizes their ballot."

By far the oddest moment of the day came when a civil saftey helicopter flew over near where Royal was, and she said: "Hello! We are here. They observe us..."

This all comes as the last polls give Nicolas Sarkozy an even farther lead. According to an Ipsos poll taken today, Sarkozy would win with 55%, a 10 point victory over Royal.

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katiare said...

Quelle femme désespérée! Elle joue sur la peur des gens. Quelle honte! C'est pitoyable! J'espère que Sarkozy va gagner pour faire croire aux sondages!

enigmatikmike said...

When people (of both sides) have to resort to fear to win votes, it's a sad day for democracy.

Name: Alex Moronda said...

anyone with half a brain knows that the social situation in France is fragile and that Sarkozy is personally responsible for some of that tension. his election is SURE to divide the Republic and create social unrest. It has been guaranteed by many citizens.

Nothing Royal said is "ridiculous" but your pathetic attempt to appear impartial on this blog is.

If your French were better you might actually understand what is being discussed, as it is we must endure your pathetic software-dependent "translations"

Alden said...

Mr Moranda you have proven with your writing on this blog that you do have half a brain.

Boz, I agree with you completely and so do the French people. I think we may see a historic score in the French presidential election tomorrow. And this would add a lot of credibility to Sarkozy in the process of implementing reforms in the country and give the UMP a good deal of momentum for the legislative elections. All of this thanks to a nearly psychotic end to a disastrous campaign by Sego Royal. Frankly, I would have never predicted such a pitiful conclusion to a campaign by any PS representative (a lot of PS voters will agree with me here and will cast their votes now for Sarkozy.)

It is safe to say that with these hateful final calls for violence, she shows how cut off from reality the old guard of the PS truly is. Jospin threw a spoiled brat tantrum and went home to mommy. Let’s hope Sego has the good sense to retire from politics now as well. She has proven that she does not have a place in a responsible public discussion.

I hope DSK has the good sense to keep his mouth shut and distance himself from her. But maybe he is one of the elephants as well. In any case, the PS urgently needs a new generation of leaders who are rational and have a better contact with reality. The model should be Clinton’s “New Democrats” or Blair’s “New Labor.” To make this change, the new PS will have to distance themselves from the wacko left. That will mean losing 30% of their constituency, and so it will be very tough for awhile. But they can rebuild from there towards the center of the real world instead of entertaining fantasies with the Gulag guys and among themselves in closed Parisian salons. They really need to get out of Paris and see the world a bit

Alden said...

"L'ancien ministre socialiste des Finances, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a exhorté ce soir à Grenoble les Français à "mener la bataille jusqu'au bout" pour que la candidate PS Ségolène Royal l'emporte dimanche lors du second tour de la présidentielle."

Le Figaro

Too bad for DSK, never the brightest bulb on tree, and making a bad tactical move supporting Sego now. He should be clearing a path for a new PS instead of clinging in a sickly fashion to the past. I really had the impression he was a bit smarter than the average PS elephant…I guess not.

Boz said...

Alex, if you continue to be uncivil I will not hesitate to delete your comments. Saying democracy is threatened just because your opponent may win an election is pretty desperate, so I see no reason not to call that ridiculous; plus, I never claimed impartiality. Finally, I have always said that I use online translation as I don't have the time to go through and translate large blocs of text multiple times a day, although I do to skim it and make sure it makes general sense.

LASunsett said...

I think Royal has been desperate for a long while now. She has had to make up for early gaffes and errors in judgment, almost from the beginning of the campaign.

Butting into Canadian affairs, meeting with Hezbollah, and the likes have put her in the hole from the onset of this campaign. Her only hope is to use fear as a weapon.

Boz said...

True, I wish Royal had run a better campaign, although the irony that she is using fear as a political tool, not Sarkozy, is quite enjoyable to watch.

Marie said...

I am shocked by the partiality of your blog. Indeed, I can only repeat and support what Alex moronda wrote : there is nothing pathetic/ridiculous in alerting people on Mr Sarkozy's dangerous projects. Forcing the country into a radically liberal economy will have the results we know -if we stop ignoring them - i.e more poor, poorer poor, richer rich, the power to shareholders, short-term management of everything, no concern for environment.
(Actually, why not? Let the human species commit suicide, since it is so irresponsible and noxious.)

Alden said...


It’s one thing to say you disagree with another candidate’s program and offer a detailed alternative. It’s altogether a different thing to say the opponent is dangerous and to then threaten violence if he is elected. And what makes matters worse, Sego offers no alternative program or plan that includes details and specific actions, only vagueness and wishful thinking.

What are the results that you know of liberalism? How many liberal countries have you lived in?

Let me edit a bit your analysis: fewer poor, poor with a clear opportunity to move upwards in society, richer rich but a lot more rich people including ouvriers, power to stockholders (citizens like you and I) over their companies and the welfare of their employees who are also very often stockholders too, precise and professional management to insure the viability of the enterprise and grow opportunities for stockholders, employees (who are often stockholders as well!) and customers, better concern for the environment than that displayed by socialist countries, let’s not forget Chernobyl!

I suspect you are not used to hearing other ideas in the press or on blogs. I hope you have been challenged to think in a different way by this blog.


Boz said...

Marie, I am in no way condemning the program or candidate of Segolene Royal. She would make a fine president. I'm simply saying that the words she chose "la démocratie est en effet menacée" "Le candidat de droite est un danger pour l'unité de la République, pour la paix sociale, pour les services publics" were uncalled for in normal political discourse, especially coming from someone who is clearly just trying to gain political momentum. Even when George Bush won reelection, you didn't have John Kerry saying that he presented a threat to democracy itself.


ltgbone said...

i think it's interesting the French will give Sarkozy such a convincing win. he seems to represent one of the most arcane stereotypes of not just France, but Europe-an elitist with a selective memory of history, especially when it comes to social conditions in his own land.

it's also easy to see the voters overwhelmingly reject Royal- appeals to the "common good" without too many specifics. heard it before.

seems like the "new generation" of French leaders is just more of the same. Chirac would have been pleased with this election no matter what the outcome.

loren taylor/zurich, switzerland

Alden said...

Dear Loren

I do see some of the “arcane” in his protectionism and nationalism.

I do not see elitist at all. He is not the candidate that comes from a privileged background. And he is the candidate that wants to free the middle and working classes from the burdens of crushing taxation (that you don’t know about in CH) and state bureaucracy. He is mostly accused by the left wing of being a “populist” not elitist (He can’t be accused of being both. Well only Sego could come up with that kind of an allegation.) The combined left wing is the “champion du monde” in the elitism discipline.

Please expand your ideas here. Thanks

robin_in_Provence said...

'boz' was the nickname used by Dickens who was also shouted down in his day for supporting reforms and criticising dangerous men like Sarkozy...

you should choose another name out of respect for great men

how about "zob" ?