Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Debate Debrief

UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist candidate Segolene Royal debated tonight in their first and final debate before this Sunday's election runoff. Obviously I cannot summarize a two hour debate right now...I haven't even watched it. But here's some quotes for those who didn't see it.

Sarkozy opened the debate after a random selection. Topics ranged from every domestic problem imaginable to foreign affairs. According to CNN:

Sarkozy often seemed to hold back in the debate, which ran over the scheduled two hours, rarely staring Royal in the eyes and talking instead to the pair of presiding journalists.

As a note, I am leaving sections out of these quotes, and they are not in order.

Royal: "There are democratic forces moving in Turkey which need to be consolidated."

Sarkozy: "Even if it is a non-religious country, it is in Asia Minor. I will not explain to the French schoolboys that the borders of Europe are with Iraq and Syria. When one makes of Kurdistan a European problem, one will not have advanced things."


Sarkozy: "On nuclear power, are you on the side of Mr. Chevènement or on the side of the Greens?"

Royal: "Do you know what is the share of the nuclear power?"

Sarkozy: "We have half of our electricity which is of nuclear origin."

Royal: "No, 17% only."


Royal: "To play with the handicap as you have just done is properly scandalous...One reaches the height of political immorality...It is your government which removed not only the Handiscol plan, which removed the assistance-teachers and who makes that today less than one child out of two who was accomodated five years ago in the school of the Republic are not it today."

Sarkozy: "There are three times more handicapped children provided education for today than your time, to Madam."

Royal: "It is not true!"

Sarkozy: "Do not point at me with your finger. To be a president of the Republic, it is necessary to be calm."

Royal: "When there are injustices, there are healthy angers, there are angers which I will have even when I am a president of the Republic."

More later.


santori said...

My main feeling: one of these is going to be president? Eh.
Much the same as in any such debate.

Very entertaining, though.

Boz said...

It's rare that someone doesn't need to grow into the role, if that gives you any solace.


Barnett said...

The nuclear numbers are confusing to me...I thought it was the flip side? EDF says that 86.9% is nuclear...

Alden said...


Who is Claude Allegre? He is a leading member of the Socialist party I believe.

His comments might interest your readers:

Claude Allègre, ancien ministre de l'Education du gouvernement Jospin, s'est dit aujourd'hui "outré par les mensonges" de Ségolène Royal sur la scolarisation des enfants handicapés, ajoutant qu'il "ne votera pas" pour elle au second tour de la présidentielle. Evoquant du débat avec Nicolas Sarkozy sur cette question, mercredi soir, "j'ai trouvé (sa) colère suspecte et préparée. Je suis outré par ce que ce qui a été dit, c'est des mensonges", a-t-il ajouté. Selon lui, "les emplois ont été créés par Luc Ferry (ministre de l'Education nationale) sous le gouvernement Raffarin".

First there was Besson jumping ship and now Allegre, who is next? What does this mean? Comments?